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Testimonials: Weight Loss

In The Group Training @ Sandymount Gym

  • You get to train with  like-minded people.

  • You Get a full one on one  in depth nutrition consultation.

  • You get your weight and body fat tested  to help you set out goals and to stay on track.

  • You get the most up to date weight loss, muscle building protocols and the BRP personalised nutrition  protocol  to help you achieve the lean toned healthy body you always wanted.

  • You get 5 Fat burning, muscle building sessions a week.

  • You get access to our private group where you will find amazing recipes and loads of cool information and support to help you reach you goal.

The sessions are programmed to suit individual needs and our highly skilled BRP couches will push you to your goals and beyond

So no matter if you just jumped off a spin bike or the couch and are looking to get amazing results this is the program for you. We provide you with a training environment that is safe, friendly, Supportive and puts you in the position to make that change in your life to set you up for hitting your fitness and weight loss goals.

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Small group sessions delivered at high intensity. The Body Rock Performance gym offers both strength training/conditioning and boxing group classes.

Body Rock Performance Workouts – Our strength and conditioning classes are full-body focused, targeting specific muscle groups, and include high intensity interval training, weight training, and endurance training.

Boxing Classes – Our boxing classes are cardio heavy and include strength training. A fierce full-body workout, boxing will make you sweat from head to toe.