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Personal Training

Every individual requires different training techniques, intensities and exercises to achieve their desired results. Whether it be fat loss, muscle building or toning, increased fitness and stamina, increased strength or flexibility or just more energy and vitality, without a specific and individual exercise program, your body will not reach it’s full training potential and essentially you will just be wasting valuable time and money (not to mention becoming annoyed and impatient that all the hours in the gym isn’t paying off!)

One on one personal training involves working with a personal trainer to learn and experience the most effective and efficient way to achieve your individual goals. we believe in RESULTS training: training sessions that are designed specifically to meet your goals and achieve results fast.
Creating physical change is not only your exercise, but also taking control and understanding your eating habits and nutritional needs, balancing your lifestyle and being psychologically and emotionally ready. Your Personal Trainer will help you manage all aspects of your health, mind and fitness ensuring nothing stands in your way of achieving life changing results!
You will have an initial consultation where you will meet your trainer and have a casual chat about your exercise history, injuries and health concerns etc. We will then conduct a basic health, fitness and lifestyle evaluation which will give us an indication of your current level of fitness and health.
Together we will then discuss and set relevant short and long term goals and put together a plan of attack. Sessions are 30 or 60 minutes in duration depending on your needs and availability.

We understand that people live busy lives and have found that high intensity training for shorter periods (30 minutes) is not only quicker and more efficient for the client, but also a very effective method of training and achieving results sooner.

We are more than happy to discuss your situation and assess the best possible training solution for you.