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Every girl dreams of having lean legs, the ‘thigh gap’ has become the most coveted accessory since the creation of Louis Vuitton knock off handbags. Thigh gaps are the new diamonds. Unfortunately for some (well many) having a thigh gap might mean jeopardizing all aspects of health and choosing to don a gaunt, skeleton like face. Simply put, it is not a good look!

But while a thigh gap may not be right for your body shape this does not mean you can’t have a set of lean legs that Millie Mackintosh would be envious of. Losing weight from your lower body is not easy. Girls especially tend to carry extra weight around their bums, tums and thighs. The following is a list of reasons as to why you may not be shedding the pounds from these stubborn areas:

  1. You under-eat. Your body is capable of redistributing fat to different areas. If you starve yourself you are putting you body under immense stress. Fat can end up redistributed to your reproductive organs in order to protect them. An excellent example of this can be seen with amateur female fitness competitors where girls are super lean with great abs but turn around to display behinds with love handles and saggy bums.
  2. You do too much steady state cardio. All those long jogs can be extremely stressful on your body and cause muscle loss. As seen with those who under eat the stress can cause your body to hold fat around your reproductive organs and your tummy. The place to get your exercise done is in the weight room. This means squatting and dead-lifting. Exercises that involve leg raises with a weight around your ankle will not get you lean legs nor will the machines that you squeeze together with your thighs.
  3. Hormones – You are holding too much estrogen. This is probably the biggest culprit when it comes to girls trying to lose weight from their lower body. Estrogen will cause the body to hold on to fat on the lower half. Girls on the contraceptive pill are ingesting estrogen every single day. Not ideal for weight loss! On top of this because of the food we eat and the environments we live in we are constantly coming into contact with xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens. Both mimic the action of estrogen in cells and can alter hormonal activity. They cause us girls to gain weight in our lower bodies (in men think ‘man boobs’).


If you are interested in finding out how to eat the right foods for fat loss, the right exercises for sculpting your legs and how to detoxify estrogens and other toxins that are preventing you from losing weight please contact us on: or scroll to the bottom of this page and fill in the form to arrange your free one on one consultation. 


Juice Detox: Fat Loss Or Fat Gain 

Every September we all make ourselves the same promise… ‘Next summer I will be in shape’. Unhappy with having spent days on the beach covering up and vetoing any bikini shots from being posted on Facebook. The winter months go by and we postpone starting any sort of exercise or nutritional regime getting away with wearing baggy dresses and thick black tights. The fact that we live in Ireland means that winter coats are pretty much a necessity until about mid May when the leaving cert weather starts to kick in. The girls now want to organize a trip away… “Somewhere with a beach so we can get a tan”. Regretting the past few months having failed to fulfill that promise of getting shape, spending the time munching on rolls and pizza instead of taking the time to get bikini body ready we see no alternative but to look to a ‘quick fix’. Enter: The Juice Detox.

As a personal trainer and health coach I see too many girls coming to me with ruined metabolisms having crash dieted or followed starvation strategies in order to lose weight as quickly as possible. There are thousands of these sorts of diets out there and most of them are ridiculous but nothing makes less sense to me than a juice detox. The very idea of it being a detox is laughable. It is impossible to detox efficiently without the presence of amino acids and it is impossible to get SUFFICIENT amounts of ALL the amino acids from fruits, vegetables and other foods such as avocados or chia seeds.

Without wanting to get too scientific the liver has two phases of detoxification and the second one needs amino acids to function efficiently. During these detoxes there are no amino acids going into the body so toxins can only go through phase 1 of detoxification. These toxins are not converted into free radicals and without phase 2 being able to neutralize them the liver has no choice but to release them into the blood stream. This juice detox in its attempt to detox us has now in fact left us more toxic than before.



Will there be weight loss on a juice detox? Probably. Will it be true fat loss? Probably not! Toxins are released from the fat cells and passed through phase 1 but as we cannot continue to detox them we start to feel ill and they end up being reabsorbed and stored by the fat cells. Most of the weight lost will be water weight and if the juice detox is long enough the ‘detoxee’ will now probably have slowed down their metabolism. Just two days of severe under-eating can slow down your thyroid (the master of metabolism). If you choose to live on 4-5 juices a day you are on a severe calorie restrictive diet with the majority of your calories being in the form of fructose from fruit. It will be impossible to avoid damaging your metabolism especially if this is an activity you intend to engage in regularly or for longer then two/three days. The rebound weight gain seen after this kind of detox plan can leave you even fatter than you were in the first place. When you return to your original eating habits (which you will as a juice detox is unsustainable) your metabolism will no longer be able to handle the amount of calories you were once able to eat without gaining weight


Take Away Point We detox 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. A 3-day juice detox is not the way to do it! If you are interested in learning the methods and protocols that have helped so many of our clients detoxify and lose weight in a healthy manner please do not hesitate to contact us on: